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International Brewers

The overseas beers have been sourced from brewers in Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, the Republic of Ireland and the USA.

The brewers, who have all won awards for their beers in their respective countries, are Dan Kopman (St Louis Brewery, USA), Matteo Pomposini (Birrificio MC-77, Italy), Samuel and Paulo Cavalcanti (Bodebrown Brewery, Brazil) and Jeff Bagby (Bagby Beer Company, USA), plus Paul van Nugteren and Allard Zwart (Brouwerij ’t IJ, Netherlands).

Below, we take a glance at their brews.

Brewers: Allard Zwart and Paul Van Nugteren
International Brewer: Brouwerij ’t IJ, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Festival Beer: Flink (4.7% ABV)
Host Brewery (UK): Caledonian Brewery, Edinburgh
Beer No. 17

We’ll be brewing Flink – a very easily drinkable strong pale ale with a lovely deep, golden colour and a refreshingly bitter flavour. The subtle fruity hop aromas work to create a delicious thirst-quencher – perfectly enjoyed on the first days of spring or after a hard day’s work.


Brewer: Dan Kopman
International Brewer: St Louis Brewery, Missouri, USA
Festival Beer: Continental IPA (6.5% ABV)
Host Brewery (UK): Shepherd Neame Brewery, Kent
Beer No. 29

In 2015, Dan was pleased to brew a version of Schlafly Pale Ale, with the team at Everards Brewery, for Wetherspoon.

Dan said: “It was a great experience and I am so pleased to be welcomed back again to brew the Continental IPA, this time.

“In this beer, we are using Herkules hops, in the right quantities, to give the perfect base bitterness, on which we will layer the US hops for that dank flavour and the Australian hops for the big, full, fruity aroma; these are added in the kettle for late-hop aroma and in dry hop for aroma and flavour.

“At Schlafly Beer, we love the hops, but we don’t want the malt to be lost. We want the IPA bitterness levels to be big, but not completely overwhelm the palate; malt character is critical to get the balance right.”


Brewer: Jeff Bagby
International Brewer: Bagby Brewing Co, California, USA
Festival Beer: Back Garden (4.0% ABV)
Host Brewery (UK): Everards Brewery, Leicestershire
Beer No. 3

Back Garden was the very first beer brewed on the Bagby Brewing Co system back in August 2014; it is most similar in style to an English-style bitter. It is light bodied, clean, crisp and supremely drinkable.

The focus of the beer is that elusive balance between an almost rich malt character (described as somewhat bready, slightly nutty and biscuit like) and a combination of both American and English hop varieties, creating a clean bitterness with both mildly earthy and flowery characteristics.

Jeff said: “The subtle and delicate flavours in Back Garden make for an intentional and dramatic contrast to the big, bold, extremely hoppy IPAs for which San Diego has become known.”


Brewer: Matteo Pomposini
International Brewer: Birrificio MC-77, Serrapetrona, Italy
Festival Beer: Mild the Gap (4.5% ABV)
Host Brewery (UK): Hook Norton Brewery, Oxfordshire
Beer No. 13

We love English beers, but we’ve never had the pleasure, before, to see how a traditional English brewery works and are very happy for the opportunity which Wetherspoon is offering us.

Mild the Gap is our interpretation of a traditional English dark mild, a type of beer to perfectly reflect our philosophy of high drinkability and flavour.

The name refers to the popular London Underground warning message. We imagined a commuter coming home from work, lost in his thoughts and encouraged to have a beer by the voice saying ‘Mind the gap’!


Brewers: Samuel and Paulo Cavalcanti
International Brewer: Bodebrown Brewery, Curitiba, Brazil
Festival Beer: Brazilian Burton Pale Ale (5.0% ABV)
Host Brewery (UK): Banks’s Brewery, West Midlands
Beer No. 23

This is our third time brewing beer in the UK for Wetherspoon, the first being in 2014, with Adnams, where we produced Curitiba Pale Ale, with pink pepper, the second with Caledonian Brewery, in Edinburgh, where we brewed our traditional wee heavy.

This time, we are at Banks’s Brewery, brewing our copper-coloured Brazilian Burton Pale Ale. It has caramel, soft roasted malt, bread, toffee and aromas typical of England brews, with floral notes from European hops, toasty highlights, sweet malts and a slightly bitter finish.

We are very honoured to return and brew our Brazilian Burton Pale Ale. To have this chance to travel to Wolverhampton, to one of the most historic breweries in the world, is a huge honour.