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St George’s Day

This year, to celebrate St George’s Day, our English pubs will be serving Ascalon – an ale by Everards Brewery.

Ascalon Ale

Ascalon (4.0%) is a truly English beer from Everards Brewery.

Legend tells the story that St George ventured to save the princess from the claws of the dragon. While fighting the beast, he became injured and sought protection under a mythical orange tree – which both healed him and gave him power.

When the dragon came to attack, St George raised his sword, named Ascalon and plunged it deep into the dragon with all of his might.

To honour St George and the tree which saved him, Ascalon is a traditional chestnut ale brewed with British-grown Challenger and Admiral hops. Orange, zesty flavours are complemented with chocolate, earthy aromas, leaving a perfectly rounded finish.

If you’re planning to join us for a pint on St George’s day, why not treat yourself to brunch?

Sunday all-day brunch

Our Sunday brunch offer contains three meals, which all include a drink*.

Our all-day brunch is a British classic, including sausages, bacon, fried eggs, baked beans and chips.

The offer also includes our lamb shank, served with British roasted vegetables, rosemary & redcurrant gravy and Maris Piper mash.

You can also opt for your choice of steak, served with eggs and chips. Choose between an 8oz sirloin steak and an 8oz Aberdeen Angus rump steak.

All of our steaks come from Britain and Ireland, are matured for 35 days then seasoned by us.

Read more about our Sunday brunch offer here.


So, if you fancy a British classic with a beer fit for a saint – join us at Wetherspoon this St George’s Day.

St Georges Day

*Choose a drink from our club range. See the club mat in your local pub for more details.