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Four steps to your perfect, personalised steak

Step one: Choose your cut

All served with chips or jacket potato, peas, tomato, mushroom and a drink**.

  • 8oz sirloin steak
  • 10oz rump steak
  • Mixed grill
    Gammon, pork loin, rump, lamb, sausage.
  • Large mixed grill
    As above, with additional sausage, egg, onion rings.
  • Skinny steak
    Served with quinoa salad, dressing - rather than chips, peas and tomato.

Step two: Choose your cooking

Do you like your steak pink, well done or somewhere in between? We’ll cook it just how you like it:

  • Rare – very moist, with warm juices. The internal colour will be very red from edge to edge.
  • Medium-rare – pink in colour from edge to edge, with a red centre.
  • Medium – pink in the centre and throughout. Juices will be slightly clear pink.
  • Medium-well – light grey internal colour, with pink centre.
  • Well-done – grey in centre and throughout.

Step three: Choose your sauce*

  • Honey glaze, made with Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Honey
  • Creamy peppercorn sauce – gluten free

*Not included in menu price

Step four: Choose your included drink**

We don’t include the drink just on a Tuesday for Steak Club – we offer a free drink all day, every day.

Select yours from the club drink menu, which includes a range of craft beers, wines, soft drinks, beers and spirits.

Can’t decide? Our favourite drink to accompany steak would be a full-bodied Coldwater Creek merlot.

**See main menu for drinks selection.