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A taste of Japan

As the popularity of Asian cuisine continues to grow in the UK, our food development team has come up with another Wetherspoon winner.

Following the success of our Shanghai noodles, our NEW teriyaki noodles dish brings the flavours of the Far East to your local – this time from Japan.


Teriyaki is a cooking technique used in Japanese cuisine which usually sees the ingredients coated in a sauce mixture of four main components: soy, sake (or mirin), ginger and sugar (or honey). Our Wetherspoon teriyaki noodles dish has been developed using non-egg noodles, to offer this wonderful choice to everyone, including our ever-growing number of vegan, as well as vegetarian, customers.


It may be full of flavour, but this new addition to our menu is low in fat, as it remains less than five per cent fat and below 500 Calories. Our dish is made from a fresh and authentic teriyaki sauce recipe, using fresh ginger, garlic and soy sauce, with a hint of chilli, giving the dish a ‘one chilli’ rating.


It is packed with fresh vegetables, including choy sum (a relative to pak choi), a leafy vegetable with a similar sweet and crunchy stem, albeit generally much slimmer, as well as carrot, red pepper, edamame beans and black and white sesame seeds. You can top your teriyaki noodles with a grilled chicken breast, for an extra cost, to add to your dish. Enjoy a taste of Japan with our NEW teriyaki noodles.