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Vodka Distillery

There’s a choice of seven vodkas in our vodka distillery, served over ice with your favourite mixer.

Our vodka distillery brings a splash of variety to the traditional spirit.


Vodka, the pure, clean spirit, originated somewhere in northeastern Europe, the exact location unknown, in around 1400AD. Russians and Poles will always argue who drank it first, but the popularity of the ‘white drink’ has since spread across the globe.

Vodka, derived from voda, literally translated as ‘water’, was discovered in the colder regions of Europe and Asia, when distillers realised that their fermented wine became more potent after freezing, through the low winter temperatures. With advanced distilling techniques, brought from the west in the 1400s and 1500s, the Slavic peoples were able to refine their vodka to create high-quality alcohol, which would become the trademarks of their countries.


Our classic vodkas

We have five classic vodkas from around the world for fans of the spirit to try.

Why not use our pub-finder to locate your local Wetherspoon – then explore the range?


40% ABV


40% ABV


40% ABV

Absolut Vanilia

40% ABV

Smirnoff Red

37.5% ABV
Origin rooted in Moscow, Russia