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Old Jamaica

Full-on flavour of UK’s favourite ginger beer brand now available at our bars

There is an authentic saying in Jamaica – ‘wi lickle, but we tallawah’.

It means that, while Jamaica may be a small country, the nation has a bold attitude – and it is this attitude which gives its famous Old Jamaica ginger beer ‘zingaling’!

The UK’s number-one, full-on-flavour ginger beer brand is now being served at your local Wetherspoon. An unbeatable kick of authentic, fiery Jamaican root ginger and exotic flavours, inspired by the Caribbean, it is now available in our soft drinks range (330ml can).


Ginger was first introduced to Jamaica in 1525 and, 60 years later, Jamaican ginger was the first oriental spice to be grown in the New World and imported back to Europe.

England was exporting ginger beer to Canada and the United States during the late 1700s, which was made possible by the advent of pressure-sealed stoneware jars.

In 1988, the Jamaicans shipped it back to the UK for the first time, as Old Jamaica ginger beer – and this old favourite is new to our range.


It joins some great soft drinks already being enjoyed by Wetherspoon’s customers.

Sanpellegrino blood orange flavour (aranciata rossa) and its lemon version (limonata) are popular sparkling fruit beverages made from an age-old traditional recipe. The combination of water and freshly squeezed sun-ripened Italian citrus fruits and sugar is carbonated to add zest.

Our Innocent™ Super Smoothie Energise (apples, grapes, bananas, strawberries, cherries, blackcurrants, guarana and flax seed) is a healthy and energising drink. A tasty, lively super-smoothie, it is a blend of delicious crushed fruits and fruit juices, a dash of guarana infusion, some beetroot juice and some added vitamins.


Also for the health-conscious, we offer a range of low-Calorie and sugar-free drinks, including great-tasting cola and lemonade – to enjoy on their own or as a mixer.

These include Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max, offering maximum taste with no sugar. At just 2 Calories in a 398ml serving, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max give you two fantastic low-Calorie cola options.

R White’s Lemonade may not call itself low-Cal, sugar-free or diet, but is a surprisingly low-Calorie option. With just 8 Calories per 398ml serving and containing real lemons, it is a great, refreshing drink.

Try our new ‘rum storm’: choose your favourite rum to mix with a can of Old Jamaica ginger beer (for an extra 30p) – for that perfect combination.