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Ron Zacapa

We explore the story of this 23-year-old super premium rum

Ron Zacapa 23-year-old (40% ABV) is the only rum in our collection made from first-crush virgin sugar cane honey.

The fresh sugar cane is grown in the rich volcanic soil of Guatemala’s lowlands, soil which lends itself to a beautifully sweet, smooth and fruity flavour.


Ron Zacapa is a 23-year-old super-premium, full-bodied rum. It is aged high up in the cool air of the Guatemalan highlands, 2,300 metres above sea level, in a place known as the ‘House Above the Clouds’.

Its sistema solera (aging process) involves blending rums of various ages in casks which once held robust American whiskey, delicate sherry and fine Pedro Ximenez wines.

The altitude slows down the aging process and allows the liquid to age like a single-malt whisky, rounding off the spirit and giving it a full and rich mouthfeel, perfect for serving neat or on the rocks.


Lorena Vásquez is one of only five female master blenders in the world. She orchestrates the complex notes of Zacapa, infusing it with passion and award-winning craft.

Zacapa partners with communities of women in Guatemala who weave petate bands for each bottle, each one unique – blending together Mayan craft, culture and heritage.


If you want a taste of golden luxury, why not enjoy a neat Ron Zacapa or pair it with your favourite mixer?

Available and new to the rum shack at your local Wetherspoon.