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Gluten-free lager

Estrella Galicia is our first gluten-free beer!

When Wetherspoon customer Jayne Grice sent a letter to Wetherspoon News for the chairman Tim Martin’s reply, she probably didn’t realise that her suggestion would be taken up.

Customer’s feedback

Published in the winter 2015/16 issue of our Wetherspoon News magazine, headed ‘Rootin’ for gluten free’, Jayne wrote: “I would first like to thank you for providing no-gluten and no-wheat options on your menu. The ribs and steak are delicious. However, I wondered whether you would please consider providing a gluten- and wheat-free beer or lager?”

Not only was Jayne’s suggestion considered, but it has now become a reality on the new-look menu for March. Estrella Galicia (5.5% ABV) gluten-free lager from Spain has now been added to our world beers range.

Gluten free lager at Wetherspoon

Gluten-free assured

We asked the team at Estrella to explain to our customers how they can ensure that their beer is always a gluten-free drink.

A representative from Estrella stated: “Quality is really important to us. When we brew every batch, we have a special process of stopping the production of all other beers and cleaning the whole brewery to avoid gluten contamination.

“It is made with barley, but we add an enzyme which breaks down all of the final remaining gluten during the filtration stage.
“The Spanish coeliac association (FACE) then tests every batch we brew to ensure that it complies with EU legislation – and only then do they allow us to use the gluten-free labelling.”

The beer

Brewed by Hijos de Rivera, in A Coruna, Galicia, northwest Spain, the beer comes from a family-owned company which has 110 years’ brewing under its belt.

A bright amber colour, with a white creamy foam head, Estrella Galicia gluten-free lager has a pleasant and refreshing scent, reminiscent of its hops, barley and malt. It has an intensive and prolonged flavour, with notes of bitterness and a hint of walnut.

The bottle has a distinctive stamp, meaning that it is authorised by FACE (the Federation of Spanish Coeliac Associations) as a product suitable for coeliacs.

Jayne said: “What wonderful news that Wetherspoon will be including a gluten- and wheat-free lager. I have had a very good gluten-free Spanish lager before and look forward to trying Estrella Galicia at my local Wetherspoon.”