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Don’t be a coffee mug – grab a free refill

Keep your coffee (or tea) cup fully charged as you enjoy a bottomless brew at our pubs

Popping in for a coffee at your local Wetherspoon is now even better value for money, as well as so much easier and quicker.

Free refills* are now offered on all coffee choices, plus tea.

All of our coffees and teas are available, together with free refills*, using our new, easy-to-use self-service coffee machines, now installed at the vast majority of our pubs, with the rest to follow as 2018 unfolds.

Our Lavazza coffee choices are cappuccino, latte, flat white, white coffee, Americano and espresso, as well as Tetley tea, for enjoying at the pub or as a take-away** option.

The new self-service machines offer a quick, easy, consistent-quality Lavazza coffee, every time – and the system now speeds up service at the bar, for everyone.


Since the introduction of the new machines in pubs across the UK, customers have clearly been impressed by the ease, consistency and efficiency of the self-service system.

The feedback from you, as well as from our managers and staff, has been amazing, with speed of service at the bar noticeably improved, to the delight of everyone, on both sides of the bar.

Becky Teale, pub manager at The Winter Gardens, in Harrogate, said: “For us, since the new machines were installed, there are only positives. I would never want to go back to the old system.”


“The speed of service has dramatically improved, with customers now experiencing shorter waiting times at the bar – and the quality of the coffee is consistently better.”

Siobhan Hodge, pub manager at The Electrical Wizard, in Morpeth, added: “The hot drinks option is much easier to serve at the bar – and staff can be used more efficiently, especially in the morning, which speeds up serving.

“Our customers are happier, as they don’t have to wait for the hot drinks to be made behind the bar and, with the free refills offer, the value is fantastic.”


We continue to use only Lavazza, the real Italian coffee, made with 100 per cent Rainforest Alliance-certified beans, Tierra Intenso blend, in all of our self-service coffee drinks.

Pop to Wetherspoon for a delicious, quick and value-for-money hot drink to enjoy at your local or to take away.

Luxury hot chocolate

Back by popular demand – our delicious hot chocolate drink is making a welcome return.

A huge favourite with customers, our hot chocolate drink is now available as one of our new self-service hot drinks machine options.

Made with real Belgian milk chocolate, with no artificial flavours or powdered chocolate, it is easy to serve and scrumptious.

Simply stir into hot milk, for an ultimate Belgian hot chocolate treat.

Try our hot chocolate, now available from our pubs, although not as part of our free refills offer.


Price and participation may vary per pub. *Hot drinks offer (excluding take-away drinks, speciality hot drinks and hot chocolate) available 7 days a week; applies on day of purchase, during one visit; is non-transferable. Exclusions apply. **This take-away offer does not include free refills, speciality hot drinks or teapigs.