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Uprising Treason West Coast IPA

A new generation of brewers, setting out to overthrow the old order and take the crown of British brewing.” 

– Treason West Coast IPA can

ABV: 5.8%

Volume: 330ml

Origin: Berkshire, UK

Beer type: India Pale Ale (IPA)

Appearance: Dark amber

Tasting notes: Spicy bitterness, hoppy aroma


Our review

This is a bright green can of bold flavour.

While some hoppy craft brews can become quite heavy after a couple of cans and leave you reaching for a lager, this is light enough to make it easy to drink, without compromising on flavour.


The brewer

It’s always good to see a brewer with absolute confidence in its beer – and the Uprising Craft Brewery’s logo features its iconic bird grasping the crown of brewing.

Uprising’s head brewer, Kieran Johnson, said: “We draw inspiration from our travels, the people we’ve met, the food we’ve shared and the beers we’ve enjoyed.

“We bring all of this into how we brew, unflinchingly challenging brewing conventions and pushing the boundaries.”



At 5.8% ABV, it’s not necessarily a session beer, but craft fans used to a higher ABV beer should find it quite drinkable. It’s definitely not as heady as a can of Sixpoint’s Resin which, at 9.1%, is the strongest beer on offer.

We tried Treason with beef, the hoppiness complementing the meat; Treason is also on the club drinks menu – so, you can enjoy a can with a burger or your traditional steak night.


Try it today

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that Treason is a great beer – it’s a 2015 IBC gold award-winner – but, ultimately, we think you need to drink it to believe it.

If you’re already a fan of Lagunitas IPA or BrewDog’s iconic Punk IPA, this is definitely a can to put on your ‘to try’ list.