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Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA

He slithers through the city in search of his face. No place too seedy, no place too fake – they’re all on the menu tonight. And, of course, she’ll find him irresistible, for it’s the forked tongue she prefers.” 

Flying Dog Snake IPA can


ABV: 7.1%

Volume: 355ml

Origin: Frederick, USA

Beer type: India Pale Ale (IPA)

Appearance: Copper

Tasting notes: Caramel malt notes, citrus hop aroma


Our review

The Maryland-based craft brewer Flying Dog Brewery has bought us the seedy story of this snake which, paired with the abstract illustration, does raise a question: what kind of beer-drinking experience am I about to receive?

Is this going to be so ‘unique’ it’s undrinkable? Or is it going to be a taste revolution?

We weren’t disappointed: the IPA delivered a big citrus (most notably grapefruit) hop aroma, with caramel malt notes.


The can a beer comes in is often a work of art – and Flying Dog brewery has definitely extended its creativity beyond the beer.

The hypnotic snake artwork on the can is the work of Ralph Steadman. He’s been creating original art for Flying Dog’s labels since 1995.

The iconic V-shaped bat of Flying Dog is seen across its products, reminding us of the silhouetted bird of Uprising Brewery.

Ultimately, at least if you have to drink this beer on your own, you’ll have hours of entertainment analysing the artwork.


Kick a night off

The brewery’s motto is ‘good people drink good beer’ – which fits pretty well with the Wetherspoon ethos. We think this beer to be perfect for kicking off an evening. At 7.1%, it’s stronger than Treason West Coast IPA and the Belgian white Blue Moon and will set you up perfectly for an evening of sampling an array of beers.