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Festive meals

Meals to get you straight into the Christmas spirit, with a stuffed turkey breast new to the menu…

During the festive period, Wetherspoon has a range of food and drinks options, offering you a break from the seasonal rush.

Christmas meals are available in the majority of Wetherspoon pubs between Monday 13 November and Sunday 24 December.

Festive mains – includes a drink*

Stuffed turkey breast and winter vegetables – gluten free 1019 Cal

Our turkey breast slice is filled with sage & onion stuffing and served with roasted Chantenay carrots and parsnips, Maris Piper mash, pigs-in-blankets, peas and gravy.

Creamy mushroom risotto – (vegetarian, gluten free and under 500 Calories) 367 Cal

Our star vegetarian dish is risotto rice in a creamy mushroom sauce, with a mix of roasted chestnut, oyster, shiitake and porcini mushrooms, with a dash of Prosecco, topped with rocket.

Not veggie? Why not top your risotto with chicken? (add 206 Cal)

Brie & bacon burger 1147 Cal

Our classic 6oz beef patty is topped with breaded Brie, maple-cured bacon, accompanied by a side of cranberry sauce and two pigs-in-blankets, served with chips (add 597 Cal).

Chicken & stuffing burger 820 Cal

Our grilled chicken breast burger is topped with maple-cured bacon and a pork, apricot & cranberry stuffing, served with two pigs-in-blankets, plus cranberry sauce on the side and chips (add 597 Cal).

Brie & cranberry vegetable burger – vegetarian 817 Cal

Our vegetable burger is topped with breaded Brie and comes with a side of cranberry sauce, chips (add 597 Cal) and six onion rings (add 338 Cal).

Deli deals

Perfect for catching up with friends in the middle of Christmas shopping or for a quick meal before a party, our deli deals are all served with chips (add 597 Cal) or a side salad (add 82 Cal).

Chicken, stuffing & cranberry panini 546 Cal

Our pulled chicken panini is served with a pork, apricot & cranberry stuffing, cranberry sauce and rocket.

Halloumi & cranberry panini – vegetarian 836 Cal

Vegetarians can enjoy our panini with grilled halloumi, cranberry sauce and rocket.

Small plates

Our festive small plates are available as part of the 3-for-£10** offer. Mix and match to create a sharing option for a group. Other small plates are available within the offer from the main menu.

Pigs-in-blankets – (gluten free and under 500 calories) 446 Cal

Seven pork chipolata sausages wrapped in streaky smoked bacon and served with cranberry sauce.

Breaded Brie – vegetarian 525 Cal

Served with cranberry sauce and rocket.

Mini smoked salmon salad – (gluten free and under 500 calories) 224 Cal

Smoked salmon is served with tomato, cucumber, onion, salad leaves and dressing.


Fancy something sweet?

Other festive desserts are available as part of the 2-for-£5** offer on the menu.

Chocolate-orange mousse cake – (gluten free and under 500 calories, this dish contains gelatine) 482 Cal

A gluten-free cookie base is topped with chocolate-orange mousse, orange curd, chocolate glaze and served with ice cream.

Christmas pudding – vegetarian. This dish contains nuts (almond)

A classic indulgent Christmas option packed with sultanas, raisins, cherries, mixed peel, almonds and brandy. The pudding is served with ice cream (628 Cal) or custard (575 Cal).

*See main menu for drinks selection. **Price and participation may vary per pub.